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Friday, October 9, 2009

The long road to Acton…

by Sarah Tober, senior marketing specialist for the Historic Sites

After being in my new position for two months, I am finally making it out to see the sites! First stop, Acton State Historic Site in Acton, TX. After a few detours yesterday (due to missed roads and a slightly misleading GPS), to and from Acton, I can say that I have successfully visited Acton and stood in front of the Elizabeth Crockett monument.

First impressions, we have some work to do in restoring the monument, making the area more accessible (to drivers and walkers) and crating some visitor seating near Crockett's resting place. However, ultimately I believe she has a beautiful resting place, surrounded by history and lush landscapes. I tagged along to this site visit with co-workers Brett, Ellen and Donna who are planning for potential improvements. They also met with the Acton cemetery board of directors, where both parties shared visions for enhancements and a few development obstacles.

Who knew a monument and a cemetery could be so interesting though! In addition to the monument, the cemetery features an Official Texas Historical Marker, beautiful old oak trees and is the resting place for a Teas Ranger by the name of Capt. John W. Middleton. It was nice to not only visit our historic site, but to take a moment and reflect on Elizabeth Crockett's life and to consider the idea of what it must have been like to be the wife of such an important historical figure. The monument reminds me of her tragic story as a widow, but also of her strength in life.

Some how these Texas treasures and the historical context in which they fit, becomes more palpable to me once I have experienced them firsthand. I'm looking forward to my future THC related adventures (whether they be GPS misguided or not) and seeing more Historic Sites in the coming weeks.

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