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Friday, May 21, 2010

Tomorrow’s Historians are Today’s Inspiration

By Cheryl Dowell, Fort Lancaster Site Staff
Lasly Dowell, a young volunteer from Fort Lancaster, was recently invited by Mrs. Kelly at Iraan Elementary School to share her knowledge and provide a living history demonstration for the 4th graders. Dowell portrayed a young settler from a pioneer family moving out west that may have traveled through Fort Lancaster. She shared information on games kids would have played, along with demonstrating some of the many chores children were expected to complete. She also shared some historic school rules and supplies that the students would have used in the mid 19th century.
The students enjoyed touching and looking at the lye soap, the wool eraser and trying some of the games. After Dowell’s presentation, the class had many questions about the time period and Fort Lancaster.
Dowell was excited to share the information she’s learned about that time period and life at the fort. The students loved the story about Captain Carpenter's two dogs, Coal and Quail, that he brought with him to Fort Lancaster in 1855. It seemed that the students were disappointed to hear the bell ring when class was over — seeing them get excited about history was quite inspirational. Thank you to our young volunteer for sharing information with her peers.
Don't forget about our big event this weekend at Fort Lancaster. Click here for more information on Western
Frontier Days.

**Fort Lancaster is located near Sheffield in the Texas Pecos Trail Region.

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