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Friday, August 13, 2010

2010 at the Confederate Reunion Grounds (part 2)

By Dixie Hoover, site manager at the Confederate Reunion Grounds

The Chisholm Trail Riding Club, a family-oriented riding club, spent Memorial Day weekend camping, evenings under the Pavilion visiting, and riding the back roads of Limestone County.
The first weekend of June was the 27th Mid-America Brass Car Tour for the North Texas Regional Group of the Horseless Carriage Club of America.

A mid-morning scheduled stop gave the group a break under the Pavilion to cool off from the heat and learn about the site’s history through an interpretive talk provided by site staff.

Consistent rains through spring and summer have kept the grounds green and beautiful for native and historic vegetation.
The crepe myrtles produced a “bumper crop” this year.

The branches were so heavy with the first blooms some were touching the ground after an early summer shower and creating tunnels to the entrance of the historic native stone fountain.

Baltimore Oriole
Tiger Swallow Tail Butterfly

Large numbers of migratory birds and butterflies have visited the site to join our resident blue heron that lives in the bend of the Navasota River year round to enjoy the site’s abundance for flowers, vegetation, food, and water.

Privet bush and butterflies

Fishing and paddling has attracted many individuals and groups for 2010. Even in the deep heat of summer, the grounds remain green and beautiful, the river still trickles over the historic low water dam, and “just enough” water remains above the historic low water crossing to launch a canoe or kayak for entrance into the deep of the Navasota River to navigate the Limestone Bluffs Paddling Trail.

Recently, the full moon of July/August provided lighting for the Key’s Battery to hold their annual muster meeting and to time their gathering to commemorate the Joseph E. Johnston Camp 94 United Confederate
Veterans which was historically held annually during the full moon of these summer months. The 2011 annual muster will be held next year under the same full moon and the battery invites the public to participate with them to commemorate Civil War veteran.
The cool of the morning is the best time of day during the “dog days” of summer to walk the historic ruins and trails. For the afternoon heat, sitting under the 1893 Dance Pavilion provides shade and creates a natural “draw” that lowers the temperature a good 10 degrees to enjoy the panoramic view of the site.

Upcoming fall events include Archeology Family Days 2010.

**The Confederate Reunion Grounds is located southwest of Mexia on FM 2705 on the Texas Brazos Trail.

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