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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Restoring the Beauty of the Maxey House

By Kristie Lee, Sam Bell Maxey House staff

My name is Kristie Lee and I’m the new administrative assistant at the Sam Bell Maxey House in Paris. Currently, the Maxey House is under renovation, and I’ve been watching out my window every day as more and more activity goes on around me.

I’ve watched construction crews take the roof off of the mudroom and replace it, and take boards off of the side of the house with a crowbar. I’ve also watched them chipping the mortar off the bricks in the chimney and removing the widow’s walk from the top of the house. I’ve even learned which construction workers run from you when you walk out the door with a camera to take pictures of all the wonderful work they are doing!

I cannot wait for this grand old house to get her good looks back. When I was young, it was a big deal to come to the Maxey House and have a party. I have memories of my grandmother getting ready to go to the Maxey House on Saturday afternoon to attend a tea with her white gloves on. One year, my mom and I dropped her off at the house, and that was the first time I entered the Maxey—right through the front door! I still remember admiring the silver tea service and white linen tablecloths. I believe the house was decorated for Christmas, because I remember the red velvet bows and poinsettias everywhere. I was inside for maybe all of 10 minutes, but the elegance and special atmosphere of this Maxey House memory has always remained with me.

For way too many years, we’ve driven past this house and hoped for someone to come in and make it beautiful again. I’m so glad to be a part of the wonderful team working here to bring about those changes.

The Sam Bell Maxey House is located in Paris at the corner of Church and Washington streets in the Texas Lakes Trail Region.


  1. This blog, as well as the photo pages on the Maxey Facebook, are a wonderful tonic! Keep on, keeping on --- but, do count those chimneys once more (there were 4 the last time we were at the Maxey).

  2. I agree. It's wonderful to watch the progress since I was on-site in January of 2010. Keep up the great work!