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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

New Longhorn Calves at Fort Griffin!

By Will Cradduck, Fort Griffin Herd Manager

In the past few months, the Texas longhorn cows at Fort Griffin State Historic Site have started having their babies. The calves come in all colors and patterns, and each one is unique. These calves are the continuation of the long-term breeding and preservation of Texas Longhorn cattle at Fort Griffin, the home of the Official State of Texas Longhorn Herd.

In the photos below, the little bull and heifer are the first babies for their young mothers, and they are doing well. They are about a week old, and many more calves will be born in the next couple of months. Come out to Fort Griffin to see part of the herd, and enjoy a living part of Texas history in the great outdoors!

Quiet Dove and her new bull calf
Bull calf
Molly and her new heifer calf
Heifer calf

Fort Griffin State Historic Site is located 15 miles north of Albany on U.S. Hwy 283, in the Texas Forts Trail Region.

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